That's my story

In the age of 18 I gained a lot of weight. It made me sad. Even my friends made fun about my body. Since this experience I wanted to lose weight.

First I thought, when i am losing weight, I will feel comfortable again. I lost weight but I felt drained, I had no power/strength, I was always tired and I was battling depression.

A friend gave me the advice to start lifting weights. I had my first dumbbells from my brother. My body and mind were changing in big steps to the positive. Training with weights became a big part in my life.

Two dumbbells became a gym. A hobby became passion. My body grew like my gym.

I wanted to do something with my body. I made myself a goal, to become a photo model. Soon after I had my first photoshoot.

At the end some advices to you:




The sport changed my life. It made my body and my mind stronger and better.

I think the goal in life is to find something that makes you happy. Keeps you healthy and that you can be successful with it.

I have reached my goal.
When do you start!?